Development of Arabidopsis Protein Chip
Plant TAP Expression Vector

(attR1-Chl::CcdB-attR2-9xMYC-(HIS)6-3C site-2xIgG binding domain)

Features of the vector (12600 nucleotides)
35S promoter: 7799-8567
TMV-omega: 8568-8642
attR1: 8643-8767
Chl resistance gene: 9044-9703
CcdB: 10045-10350
attR2: 10391-10515
9xMYC: 10544-10903
(HIS)6: 10961-10978
3C cleavage site: 10979-11002
2xIgG binding domain: 11042-11416

Bacterial selection: spectinomycin

Plant selection: gentamycin

Background vector: pZP222 (the binary vector with the gentamycin marker) is U10463 the reference for the vector is Hajdukiewicz et al. 1994, Plant Mol. Biol. 25, 989-994. [Abtract]

Sequence: AY737283


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Rubio V, Shen Y, Saijo Y, Liu Y, Gusmaroli G, Dinesh-Kumar SP, Deng XW. (2005) An alternative tandem affinity purification strategy applied to Arabidopsis protein complex isolation. Plant J. 41:767-78. [Abstract]