Development of Arabidopsis Protein Chip
List of Participants

Current members
Principal investigator Michael Snyder (michael.snyder at
Co-Principal investigators S.P. Dinesh-Kumar (savithramma.dinesh-kumar at
Mark Gerstein (mark.gerstein at
Post-doctoral Fellows
Shisong Ma ( at
Research Assistants Shawn Bachan (shawn.bachan at
Matthew Porto (matthew.porto at
Jacob Brunkard (jacob.brunkard at

Programmer Analyst

Philip Cayting (philip.cayting at
Former members
 Current position
Baiqing LinPost-Doc at Yale Medical School
Sorina PopescuAssistant Scientist, Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University
George Popescu
Montrell SeayPost-Doc at Yale Medical School
Junqi SongPost-Doc at Duke University
Zimei ZhangTechnician at Yale Medical School